This Is Why You Don’t Mess With Small Kids’ Mommies. This Is Hilarious.

He told his 4 year old to do this, but what his son did left him red faced…

Do you ever notice how a kid can be louder than an adult? Have you ever been embarrassed by your child or younger relative shouting it out in a restaurant or airport? Maybe you were that kid once.
Well, we think you are going to laugh at this story, even as it goes a bit over the edge. But hey, it’s just a story, a funny one at that.

dont mess with mommies

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Warning do not touch Ugly Cat

Warning do not touch Ugly The Cat

Everyone Was Warned Not To Touch This Ugly Cat, But This Guy Did. This Is Heartbreaking….

This abandoned little kitten was found wandering the streets, and every time people saw him they’d shy away from him because he looked ugly and sick. His name? Ugly the cat. One man took pity on the poor thing and shared his love with Ugly, before he died in his arms.

“Many people want to be richer, more successful, well liked, beautiful, but for me, I will always try to be Ugly!”

Ugly the cat

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Loki A Blind Kitten

Loki A Blind Kitten

This video shows how blind kittens can be loving too


This is the story of Loki, a kitten that had been neglected so badly that he ended up going blind. The family who made this video want to show that blind kittens, while unable to see their surroundings, don’t really have much of a disadvantage in life and can still play and be affectionate.

This Video Shows Why Blind Kittens Can Still Be Affectionate & Should Be Given A Chance.

source: youtube.com

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Capitalism Explained

Capitalism Explained.

This guy just explained Capitalism absolutely perfectly.

This Is So Accurate It Hurts.


capitalism explained

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