Going Viral Ayden Reacts To Scoring Aldean Tickets

 It’s a Facebook video that is taking the internet by storm in a classroom at the Emerson Gridley School.



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Terminally ill 29 year old choose to end life

A terminally ill 29-year-old woman has chosen November 1 as the day she will die.  Two days after her husbands birthday.

Shortly after her wedding last year, Brittany Mayard began experiencing debilitating headaches.


While on vacation with her husband in January, Brittany was diagnosed with grade II Astrocytoma, a severe brain tumor.

Doctors told Maynard she had 10 years to live. 

“I have to tell you,” she says in the video, “when you’re 29 years old, being told you have that kind of timeline still feels like being told you’re going to die tomorrow.”

Following the initial diagnosis, doctors said her cancer had progressed to Glioblastoma multiforme, the deadliest form of brain cancer. With successful treatment, survival time is only 14 months.

Brittany Maynard and her Great Dane Charlie late 2013

Courtesy: Brittany Maynard

When doctors told Brittany her death would likely be slow and painful as the tumor continued to grow, she opted to choose her own ending.

On November 1, surrounded by her husband, mother and best friend, she will end her life using medication prescribed by her doctor. Maynard’s husband’s birthday is October 30.

The medication will give her a “peaceful and painless” ending to her life. However, Brittany said this is not a suicide.

“There is not a cell in my body that is suicidal or that wants to die,” Maynard told People.com. “I want to live. I wish there was a cure for my disease but there’s not. … Being able to choose to go with dignity is less terrifying.”

Maynard’s family moved with her to Oregon earlier this year so she would have access to Oregon’s “Death with Dignity Act,” which has allowed over 750 people to die using medication since 1997.

Life-rights advocacy organization Compassion & Choices and The Brittany Maynard Fund will allow Brittany to share her story and bring attention to end-of-life rights.

According to Compassion & Choices, Brittany will spend her last days fighting for others’ rights to end their lives.

source: compassionchoices

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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Returns to the Sky

‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse Returns to the Sky on Wednesday October 8, 2014.  Pacific time can be view around 3 am and Eastern time will be around 7 am.

The next total lunar eclipse will be on April 4, 2015, according to NASA.

PHOTO: In this composite photograph, the moon during various phases of a total lunar eclipse

The second blood moon of the year will light up the sky early Wednesday morning in North America, where it will be most visible from the Pacific coast, according to NASA.

The Earth will position itself between the sun and the moon, creating a full lunar eclipse with a majestic red hue.

PHOTO: The moon turns an orange hue during a total lunar eclipse in the sky above Phoenix

Ross D. Franklin/AP Photo
PHOTO: The moon turns an orange hue during a total lunar eclipse in the sky above Phoenix

The phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye — and will be visible to sky gazers in North America early Wednesday morning, with people on the Pacific coast getting the most breathtaking view.

PHOTO: In this composite photograph, the moon during various phases of a total lunar eclipse

Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images
PHOTO: In this composite photograph, the moon during various phases of a total lunar eclipse

The eclipse is the second in a rare series known as the tetrad, in which the moon is completely covered by the Earth’s umbral shadow for four eclipses in a row, as opposed to only partial eclipses that fall in the outer penumbra.


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3 Great Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Watch for 3 Great Pumpkin Carving Ideas

These young girls Brooklyn and Bailey are bringing a friendly video for all to see with the inspiration coming from that their family has a huge tradition of carving Halloween pumpkins every year!  Quoted by Brooklyn “My dad really gets into it, using power tools to make decorating much faster. We have learned a lot from him, but this year we took over and wanted to share with you our own pumpkin carving ideas!”

Please do leave a comment below letting us know which of the three pumpkin carvings is your favorite!

 * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *


Disclaimer: In this video, we will use power tools, candles, and dry ice. Please ALWAYS use safety gear and parental supervision when using these items…

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20 Easy Things That Will Make You the Next Millionaire

Here’s everything you need to know in order to make your first million.

who wants to be a millionaire

While you may be looking to make your first million off of your business alone, the fact of the matter is that becoming a millionaire does not just come about by raking in profits from your business. It arises from the decisions that you make in your day-to-day life as well. There are more millionaires than ever nowadays, and it’s not because the financial market is good; in fact, it is pretty common knowledge that the economy has definitely seen better days, and the people able to find success in it know how to act accordingly. To become the next millionaire, you will need to blend business practices with responsible financial decisions in order to both maximize profits and squirrel away some cash for the winter. Even though this is easier said than done, the things that you have to do to become the next millionaire are theoretically fairly easy.


Buy The Things That You Need

Even though one of the reasons people strive to become millionaires is to be able to afford the things that they want to do, living in a house far too big for your needs or shelling out on a vehicle more luxurious than you require is going to set you back in your goals.

Spend Less Than You Earn

This is saving money and accruing wealth 101, but even old advice can be good advice, and such is the case with this.

Make Sure That You Can Pay Off the Things That You Buy

And the quicker you can pay them off, the better! This will enable you to search for a job that you love and will therefore be more conducive to putting you closer to your goals.

Exercising Patience

It may be really tempting to up your quality of living or your lifestyle expectations as you begin accruing more money and assets to make you into a millionaire, but you will not reach your goal by taking some out of the pot.

Utilize Automatic Paycheck Deductions

You cannot spend what you do not have, so having these set up with your bank is going to help you save money better than many other tactics will.

Pay Off Your Credit Cards Every Month

Having a good credit score is always a strong financial situation to be in, but making sure that you can afford what you are spending is even better when you are trying to become a millionaire.

millionaire mind

Use Time to Your Advantage

The quicker you start saving, the better. If you begin saving in your twenties or thirties, you will be able to take advantage of compounding interest and put yourself in a better position without having to do much extra work.

Realize That Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

When you are working for a wholesome goal instead of a ploy to satisfy material urges, your goals will come to you faster and easier.

Realize That ‘Life Happens’

Having a bit of money on the side separate from your millionaire fund will keep you on a steady track toward that goal; after all, you never know when a financial emergency will rear its ugly head.

Focus on Being Debt Free

Even if you have income coming in every month, if you have any sort of debt, you need to be deducting that from your gain–if it comes out negative, you are not financially free, and will not be able to achieve your millionaire dreams yet. In order to be the next millionaire, you have to make sure that your debts are all paid.

Work Hard And Diligently

If you keep putting in the effort, it will be easier to make amends after a financial mishap.

Get a Second Job

Not only will it add to your savings that much faster, but also if you stay busy you will have no time to spend the money that you are trying to save.

Don’t Be Afraid to Have a Big Vision

Most modest savings plans do not end up panning out as the people who made them would have liked. Having a vision larger than what you can currently deliver will actually be the best way to ensure that you meet your goal.

Have Good Money Management Skills

Keep up to date on what you need to know to manage your money, and realize that without good management, it will never grow or mature into what you would like it to be.

Do What You Enjoy

Working in a field you enjoy will be one of the fastest routes to financial freedom and success, as you will spend more time at work and excel at it, putting you in a better position for promotions and pay increases.

Pay Yourself First

This will keep you satisfied and will help you achieve financial success with your goals.

Go Out And Find Your Money

Simply saving and hoping that it will come to you will never be good enough. You will only receive what you earn.

Invest in Yourself

Without furthering your education or professional development, there will be nothing to set you apart from others, and no reason for your employer to aid you in your goals.

Invest in Property When You Do Buy Assets

Having property on hand is always going to be a good asset, as there are always buyers for property and property values are beginning to climb again, healing from the collapse in 2008.

Realize That There Is More Than One Way to Approach a Problem

Being versatile will lead you quickest to the solutions for your problems.

There’s certainly no surefire way to becoming a millionaire. After all, if there was, everyone would be making millions. However, if you manage to blend the right business practices with solid personal finance skills, there’s no telling where you’ll end up. Follow these 20 guidelines, and you, too, can become the next millionaire.

millionaires commandments

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Watch How A Man Walks His Dogs Astounding

This Man Doesn’t Use A Leash When He Roams The Streets With His Pack Of Dogs

The control this man has over his dogs will astound you. It takes a lot of trust and training to be able to attain this level of leadership with your pack of pups. I know they seem under control, but I’m not so sure how responsible this tactic is. 

How do you feel about this man walking all these dogs without a leash? Let us know in the comments.



Source: Griffin Shepherd kennels via YouTube

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Bar Launches Anti~Texting Beer Glass

Bar Creates Custom Beer Glasses To Curb Cell Phone Use

Salve Jorge bar was tired of people coming in and just spending time on their cell phones. That’s when they had the idea to create custom glasses to encourage people to put down the phones and start talking to each other like we used to.

Cool idea, right…  Wouldn’t it be great if more places had creative ideas like this??



Source: The Telegraph

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A Lesson In Government

A Lesson In Government – Hilarious


A teacher was teaching her second grade class about the government, so for homework that one day, she told her students to ask their parents what the government is.

When Little Johnny got home that day, he went up to his dad and asked him what the government was.

His dad thought for a while and answered, ”Look at it this way: I’m the president, your mom is Congress, your maid is the work force, you are the people and your baby brother is the future.”

”I still don’t get it” responded Little Johnny.

”Why don’t you sleep on it then? Maybe you’ll understand it better,” said the dad.

”Okay then…good night” said Little Johnny and went off to bed. In the middle of the night, Little Johnny was awakened by his baby brother’s crying. He went to his baby brother’s crib and found that his baby brother had taken a crap in his diaper. So Little Johnny went to his parent’s room to get help. When he got to his parent’s bedroom, he looked through the keyhole… to check if his parents were asleep. Through the keyhole he saw his mom loudly snoring, but his dad wasn’t there. So he went to the maid’s room. When he looked through the maid’s room keyhole, he saw his dad having sex with his maid. Little Johnny was surprised, but then he just realized something and thinks aloud, ”OH!! Now I understand the government! The President is screwing the work force, Congress is fast asleep, nobody cares about the people, and the future is full of sh*t!”

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Most Shocking Fighter Jets Low Pass Moments



source: May Maher

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Brownie Cupcakes with Peanut butter Oreo Centers

Brownie cupcakes with peanut butter Oreo centers! This looks soooo good, and it is super easy to make! Seriously!!! Share this recipe on your page, so you don’t forget it!


Brownie cupcakes with oreo centers

Here’s the recipe:

Peanut Butter
Box of Brownie Mix

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
-Take two oreos and stack them with peanut butter (A layer in the middle and on top).
-Place the stack in a cupcake liner.
-Place liners in a muffin tin.
-Make brownie mix according to box
-Pour brownie mix over cookie stack
-Bake for 20 minutes or until cooked
-Pull out of the oven and let cool

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