Do You Remember When…

Here is a series of things that If you are 40 or older I am sure you can relate to and do REMEMBER WHEN things were just so much more simpler!

lights not people

Remember when lights, not people were turn on and off!


back seat driver

Remember when the back seat driver had enough room to sit there…  and then tell you how to drive! 🙂


charity was a virtue

Remember when charity was a virtue, not a telethon!!


drug problem

Remember when a drug problem was trying to get a prescription filled on Sunday?  It was really hard if you ran out of your medicine or got sick on Sunday.


health foods

Remember when health foods was whatever your mother said you’d better eat or else?  I know first hand how nasty those red beets tasted but I ate every last bite for fear of the “or else”!


is it a boy or girl

Remember when Is it a boy?  Or is it a Girl? was only asked about New Born Babies??


kids too much energy

Remember when the only enegy crisis was kids having too much of it?


last thing you neededRemember when the last thing you needed after a day’s work was exercise?


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