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Want to hear a joke…

Want to hear a pizza joke…  Nah, it’s too cheesy. What about a construction Joke?  Oh nevermind, I’m still working on that one.  Did you hear the one about the rope?  Skip it.  Have you heard the one about the guy in the wheelchair?  Nevermind, It’s too lame.



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Apples of Life

Apples- of -Life



Apples of Life

A little girl walks into her parents’ bathroom and notices for the first time, her father’s nakedness.

Immediately, she is curious: he has equipment that she doesn’t have. She asks, “What are those round things hanging there, daddy?”

Proudly, he replies, “Those, sweetheart, are God’s Apples of Life.

Without them we wouldn’t be here.”

Puzzled, she seeks her mommy out and tells her what daddy has said.

To which mommy asks, “Did he say anything about the dead branch they’re hanging from?

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